Collection: nutritional information pellets


Proper nutrition is very important to your bird's health. Not only for the plumage and moult, but also for the general well-being. High-quality nutrition can also prevent certain health problems. Nowadays there are more options than the traditional seed such as the use of pellets as the main source of nutrition.

Problems traditional food

Often the quality of seed leaves much to be desired, unchecked, old, frequently treated with insecticides, pesticides, antifungal agents, etc. Any nutritional value is missing when germination is lacking, which is often the case. The quality of the additives such as egg food is also often substandard. It contains bugs or stamens and often lacks control of the stated contents of vitamins and the like.

We are also often unaware of what the bird actually needs in terms of nutrients and digestive substances. Substances that stimulate digestion and in some cases convert other nutrients into digestible material. The right proportions are also very important because some necessary substances can be harmful or even deadly in the wrong amount. Especially in warm weather, the shelf life/perishability of prepared feed is a major problem. If we are already able to prepare a good, complete and balanced diet for our birds, then the question is what the bird gets from it and it is doubtful whether these are the optimal amounts required.

Benefits of pellets

In addition to less lugging, mess and waste, the big advantage is that pellets (at least ours) contain everything the parrot needs as a concentrated food. Such that when the bird takes its daily portion, it gets everything it needs. Due to the very limited expansion in the crop, there is no stretching of the crop. The bird's digestive system and organs have to do their job for digestion, so they remain active. Selection of food by taste or otherwise is no longer possible. Fruit, vegetables and nuts may be given in limited quantities as an extra for variety. Additions such as egg food or vitamin preparations are no longer necessary!