Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on the items you have ordered, the postage costs and discounts are calculated. You can find the calculated postage via the shopping cart.

How does the website work?

To order an item, select the quantity and click the order button. The ordered item appears at the top of the order bar. You can continue shopping and you will always see the next desired item appear in the list. Click on the shopping cart at the top right of the page when you want to complete the order. You can further update and send your order.

You can change or delete items on the 1st page of the shopping cart. Don't forget to select the country because of the postage. Here you can also choose to sign for receipt of your order for extra security.

On the 2nd page you will see the postage costs and the total amount.

On the 3rd page of the shopping cart, your customer details are requested and you see how much postage is calculated. You can still go back to make changes.

On the 4th page of the shopping cart, your order has just been shipped and I have already received your order. If everything went correctly you will see the text "Thank you for your order." You will receive a copy of your order by automatic email.

You will receive an extra email from me when I have checked whether the ordered items are in stock and whether the postage has been calculated correctly. Wait for this before paying in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle