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H024 Parrot pellet food African Special 8.6kg Med.v Roudybush

H024 Parrot pellet food African Special 8.6kg Med.v Roudybush

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Parrot pellet food African Special 8.6kg Med.v Roudybush
Pellet food Happybird, complete food from HAPPYBIRD, DE Roudybush pellet from USA.
African Special is for gray redstarts mainly due to the possibility of HyperCalcemia (insufficient absorption / retention of Calcium).
With HAPPYBIRD products your birds are guaranteed the best available nutrients in a 100% edible feed with little waste and mess. No added sugars or colorings and only natural preservatives. Offer as a sole and complete food. No additional vitamins or minerals are needed. Healthy extras can be offered in limited quantities. Check regularly by checking the feces whether your bird is eating enough.

The big advantage of roudybush pellets is that they are pressed and not extruded like nutribird, kaytee, zupreem, prettybird and partially harrison. This results in a lower temperature during preparation and coarser ingredients, which is better for the digestive system of birds
Extrusion was developed for meat eaters with a short intestine, which makes plant foods less digestible. Extruded feed dissolves quickly in the intestine and can therefore be digested. Birds have a long intestine suitable for digesting plant food and therefore do not benefit from extrusion.

Composition and content:
corn flour, corn grits, soy flour (full fat), beans, peanut, lucerne, oat bran, wheat flour, oligosaccharide, yucca extract, chlorella algae, natural coconut flavor

Vitamins and minerals per kg:
Vit A 7000 IU, Vit B1 3 MG, Vit B2 12 MG, Vit B6 6 MG, Vit B12 30 MCG, Vit D3 700 IU, Vit E 80 MG, B-carotene 1.5 MG, Niacin 70 MG, Pantothenate 20 MG, Biotin 300 MCG, Folium 2 MG, Choline 400 MG, Cobalt 0.4 MG, Copper 10 MG, Iron 80 MG, Iodine 0.8 MG, Manganese 120 MG, Zinc 120 MG, Selenium 0.3 MG
Crude fiber 4.5%, Crude ash 2.7%
Protein 13.5%, Fat 6%

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Name H024 Parrot pellet food African Special 8.6kg Med.v Roudybush
Weight 8600.00 grams
Brand No
Big toys No
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