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Cage for parrot E-Haiti Antique

Cage for parrot E-Haiti Antique

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Cage for parrot type E-Haiti Antique v Montana
The most popular medium size cage for larger aratingas, dwarf macaws, amazons and African Grays. Including folding roof, 3 stainless steel feeding troughs with (basket) holder that can be opened outwards, cannot be detached for the bird, 2 perches, collection tray with grid and all-round collection plates, wheels, approx. 66x56x175 cm, 3 mm bar thickness and 2.5 cm bar distance . Powder coated: very hard and non-toxic.: Montana factory
color black (antique hammer blow)

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Additional Info
Name Cage for parrot E-Haiti Antique
Weight 34000.00 grams
Brand No
Big toys No
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