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Parrot parakeets toys Action Type AVIATOR harness S

Parrot parakeets toys Action Type AVIATOR harness S

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Avian Adventure Harness aviator type with continuous line for immediate customization

With The Avian Adventure Harness you have a nice harness for your parakeet, parrot, cockatoo or other bird. With this bird harness you can walk with your bird or let him / her fly. This way you can be sure that your bird will not fly away. The Avian Adventure Bird Harness is also useful during practice, if you want to teach your bird to stay with you while walking.

XXS: Lovebirds, Parakeets, Cockatiels & Small Conures
XS: Quakers, Senegals, Doves, Medium Parakeets and Medium Rabbits
S: Amazons, Timneh Greys, Large Conures & Small Cockatoos
M: Electus, Medium Macaws, Large Amazons & Congo Gray
L: Large macaws and small moluccans
XL: Large Moluccans, Green Winged Macaws & Hyacinth Macaws
THE HARNESS IS HIGH QUALITY AND "ESCAPEPROOF", HOWEVER, NOT INDAMAGEABLE. Your bird may damage it over time, so it is necessary to check it before each use

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Name Parrot parakeets toys Action Type AVIATOR harness S
Weight 300.00 grams
Brand No
Big toys No
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